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Google’s playable Pacman logo

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Call me a total geek if you will but one of the many things I love about Google is their habit of creating custom homepage logos to mark anniversaries of historic occasions. Today, they have gone a step further.

To mark the 30 anniversary of the classic arcade game Pac Man, Google have developed a fully playable version of the game and used used it as their logo. The brilliant playable logo is developed entirely in HTML5. No flash required.

It’s interesting timing, considering the recent spat between Apple and flash purveyors Adobe. Are Google subtly taking a stance?

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, it’s likely the case that Google, as they always do, wanted to do something cool for no particular reason other than to be cool.

I particularly like the fact that the phrase “I’m feeling lucky” has been replaced with “Insert Coin”. Nice touch

Your personality is CRAP! (Google told me)

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This has been doing the rounds on twitter and emails today so apologies if you have already seen it.

Comedy value aside, I think this guy has more to worry about than his business cards.

His name is Joel Bauer; he’s apparently a hugely successful motivational speaker and I’m not about to knock him for that. Although, am I the only one who is a little scared of anyone describing themselves as a ‘motivational speaker’?

Maybe that’s why on his equally hilarious and disturbing website Joel chooses to describe himself as an Infotainer.

For those who don’t quite believe what you have just read, once more with feeling: an INFOTAINER.


Although I subscribe to Seth Godin‘s Purple Cow theory that it pays to be remarkable, I’m pretty sure it’s meant to apply to a business as a whole – not just a business card.

In any case, I don’t care how remarkable your business card is, if you convey yourself as having the blended personalities of Patrick Bateman and David Brent – the two most abhorrent characters in the history of fictional businessmen – you’re not going to appeal to me.

By putting so much stock in the business card, that most anachronistic 80s hangover of business tools, Joel has neglected the fact that his website and all his available online video content are conspiring to portray him as a complete arse.

If people want to know about someone they have met, they aren’t going to revisit the ludicrous card they have wedge in their pocket, they’ll Google him. And the returns for Joel Bauer, especially the video returns, make him look ridiculous.

Maybe he can spend the next 25 years picking up the pieces and repairing his online personal brand.

Oh and a usability point: if a card doesn’t go with all the other cards, it goes in the bin.

[Just trying out something sneaky with these links: Tom Knowles Joel Bauer Joel Bauer Joel Bauer Joel Bauer]

I’m the king of the internets!

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In my last post I was ranting and raving about the policies of Wandsworth Police with regards to Section 44 of the Terrorism act. I jokingly linked to the profile page of the Borough Commander Stewart Low with the phrase “useless bureaucrat” as a half-hearted attempt at a Google bomb. I wasn’t really serious and I didn’t expect it to work. 

Well guess what? It only bloody worked! Check it out.

Putting aside my slightly petulant motive, I think the fact that I have managed to single-handedly divert Google this way is quite interesting. Since the famous Bush Googlebomb a few years ago, it was reported that Google made it harder to do this type of thing.

A new, positive Google bomb was brought in for Obama (“Cheerful Acheivement” was the phrase) but that was helped along by numerous blogs and web sites with huge Google authority. I didn’t have a squad of bloggers at my disposal to help out,  I only posted the link twice: here and on GrammarBlog. It just goes to show that inbound links and the link text used are still as important as ever for natural SEO.

To have any real value in terms of SEO, the trick is finding a term that people will actually search for (unlike “useless bureaucrat“) and for which there is little competition. I doubt I would be successful with the term “great value” or “best car”. But the thing is with Google, you never actually know for sure.

*Update* If the Obama positive google bomb is anything to go by, I’m probably undoing my success by posting about it. Google’s bomb defusion algorithm works by making the reports on the googlebomb replace the googlebomb itself in Google’s top results. So if any Google spiders are reading this: move along, nothing to report here.

Google Earth goes underwater and back in time

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As if Google Earth wasn’t amazing enough, they have now added the ability to see the ocean floor and back in time.

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