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Goodbye Bush – Best ad placement ever?

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 I had a real coffee-snorting moment when I saw this.

Goodbye Bush - Best ad placement ever?

Goodbye Bush - Best ad placement ever?

Absolute genius. For those of who who don’t know, Veet is a brand of products for the removal of body hair. It’s a bush pun – geddit?

Whoever thought this up needs a promotion immediately.

Blogging for business

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The below post was written for business people not yet engaged with blogging. It was originally posed at

Last Thursday saw me up at the crack of dawn in order to lead a breakfast discussion group for pro-manchester. The topic was “Blogging for Business” and the presentation I delivered was a scaled down and slightly updated version of the one written by my colleague Paul for our July seminars on the same topic. The accompanying slides can be downloaded from our seminar pages.

I’m not going to recap the presentation here but there were some interesting points brought up in the ensuing discussion that gave me food for thought.

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