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Google’s playable Pacman logo

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Call me a total geek if you will but one of the many things I love about Google is their habit of creating custom homepage logos to mark anniversaries of historic occasions. Today, they have gone a step further.

To mark the 30 anniversary of the classic arcade game Pac Man, Google have developed a fully playable version of the game and used used it as their logo. The brilliant playable logo is developed entirely in HTML5. No flash required.

It’s interesting timing, considering the recent spat between Apple and flash purveyors Adobe. Are Google subtly taking a stance?

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, it’s likely the case that Google, as they always do, wanted to do something cool for no particular reason other than to be cool.

I particularly like the fact that the phrase “I’m feeling lucky” has been replaced with “Insert Coin”. Nice touch

The future according to Microsoft

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I can’tbelieve I missed this post from Steve Clayton when Microsoft’s Business Division first unveiled this production from Microsoft Office Labs.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s Microsoft’s vision of how we will be interacting with technology in 2019 and it’s called… “2019″. I bet MS’s skill at naming things won’t be any better by then.


Ross has brough this to my attention.