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Monthly Archives: October 2010

The CSR, Foursquare and me

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So the coalition is currently defending the proposals set out in the spending review. The people up and down the land are having their say on how they will be affected and asking why all the cuts couldn’t be focused on people who aren’t them. Well now it’s my turn. There is one particular cut in the military budget that I find very upsetting.

The HMS Ark Royal, for years a literal flagship of the Royal Navy, will be scrapped as soon as possible, 4 years before it was due to be decommissioned.

Why am I upset about this? Because I am the current Mayor of the HMS Ark Royal on Foursquare.

When I joined Foursquare on the day it was launched in Manchester (thanks to a tip off from @martinsfp) I could wander around becoming mayor of all I surveyed. Now that there are thousands of Foursquare users in my city, I’m down to a paltry 6 mayorships. And then Cameron comes along with his budget cuts and cruelly dispatches 16.6% of them.

I’m considering a march on Parliament.