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How to lose your job with Facebook

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how to lose your job with facebook

Here is a priceless example of why it’s really important to remember who you add on facebook.

Maybe just as important is to remember why you use Facebook/linkedin/Twitter/Whatevr.

If you use it for work or professional networking, don’t add “Stinky Dave” from uni and certainly don’t comment on his video of his dog trying to have sex with his neighbour’s cat.

Facebook does have settings to allow you do choose which content you share with whom. But it’s complicated and tricky to stay on top of it.

My advice is to use one SocNet for friends and one for work. And never the twain shall meet.


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  2. hahahaha
    what a dumbhead…..just like the dude on twitter.


    Its incredible how some folk still believe that the internet is a private thing… oh well.

  3. Brilliant stuff. I’ve recently been through and culled 2/3rds of my Facebook friends because – as one friend said – everyone needs somewhere they can tell fart jokes.

    A v. smart colleague of mine, Chris Nee, wrote an article on The Presentation of Self In Social Media in which he discusses the way in which our public life in social media is making us more self-conscious about how we present ourselves and our relationships with others.

    Clearly, this isn’t the case here.

  4. Gez, that is priceless. I just had a similar situation where some tenants – 3 young guys – trashed a property of mine – around $7000 of damage in 90 days. I found two of them on facebook immediately. Rather than engage in an online war, I just passed the details onto the authorities and to the insurance company….

    Good stuff mate, keep it up….

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