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Your personality is CRAP! (Google told me)

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This has been doing the rounds on twitter and emails today so apologies if you have already seen it.

Comedy value aside, I think this guy has more to worry about than his business cards.

His name is Joel Bauer; he’s apparently a hugely successful motivational speaker and I’m not about to knock him for that. Although, am I the only one who is a little scared of anyone describing themselves as a ‘motivational speaker’?

Maybe that’s why on his equally hilarious and disturbing website Joel chooses to describe himself as an Infotainer.

For those who don’t quite believe what you have just read, once more with feeling: an INFOTAINER.


Although I subscribe to Seth Godin‘s Purple Cow theory that it pays to be remarkable, I’m pretty sure it’s meant to apply to a business as a whole – not just a business card.

In any case, I don’t care how remarkable your business card is, if you convey yourself as having the blended personalities of Patrick Bateman and David Brent – the two most abhorrent characters in the history of fictional businessmen – you’re not going to appeal to me.

By putting so much stock in the business card, that most anachronistic 80s hangover of business tools, Joel has neglected the fact that his website and all his available online video content are conspiring to portray him as a complete arse.

If people want to know about someone they have met, they aren’t going to revisit the ludicrous card they have wedge in their pocket, they’ll Google him. And the returns for Joel Bauer, especially the video returns, make him look ridiculous.

Maybe he can spend the next 25 years picking up the pieces and repairing his online personal brand.

Oh and a usability point: if a card doesn’t go with all the other cards, it goes in the bin.

[Just trying out something sneaky with these links: Tom Knowles Joel Bauer Joel Bauer Joel Bauer Joel Bauer]


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  1. I’ve heard Joel speak and he offers a lot more value than talking about business cards. He is about marketing yourself so as to create value.
    I have seen results from just a few of his techniques and believe the reason you can’t find much on him is because he is at the end of his career and is looking to spend more time with family. A quick bio: he worked on cruise ships in his younger years as a magician before moving onto being a sales guy for trade-show type events. He’s learnt a lot about marketing and the power of influence and in my opinion he’s created an enormous amount of media for himself by placing his business card video online. Even if only 1% of people think to investigate Joel’s legitimacy further and attend one of his final events then this will surely be successful marketing.

  2. Hmm yeah I suppose all exposure is good exposure to an extent. But you aren’t really suggesting he set that up as a comedy skit to go viral are you?
    The problem I have is that after seeing that clip, I couldn’t take anything he says seriously.

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  4. You are taking that video out of context to the entire video- have you seen the entire documentary or are you only going off this video- – the original and long (over 1 hour) explains why he is talking like that- this is a character invented for the documentary which he has explained in the media but people just want to put down what they don’t understand thats OK those are the people who are left behind. analyzing a 2 minute video that was apart of a 1 hour documentary where Joel is 1 of several interviewees is like watching star wars and saying the entire movie is about blue milk in a desert. you have to see the entire video and at that point you can talk about it.

  5. He got a lot of TV interviews with that back then before going Viral was a thing. I noticed though that he is still relevant and this Blog isn’t….

  6. Some Sales Guy

    It’s difficult to determine what it is exactly that he sells when checking out his website. It seems custom made for people who already know who he is and what he has on offer – but for someone with questions you are out of luck. Presumably he teaches you techniques he learned about or developed during his sales years. My Father was a salesman back in the day and his company paid for various sales training classes including books designed to help the sales person present an “authentic” persona – the trouble was that it never really worked and there was always this air of dishonesty since the sales person is taught to play a character from which he or she must never deviate. I suppose if you are a good actor then this can be overcome but it was only when my Father dropped that act that he could make a connection with customers.

    Anyway I’ve seen some of Bauer’s videos on YouTube and he has that same schtick going on that my Father had – all sheen and hyper positive. It’s like a cleaned up version of a car salesman but no matter what – the schmaltz can still be detected. I will say that I enjoyed Bauer’s “how to pack” video which does have a lot of practical information on how to organize and pack for an extended trip using one suitcase. But I’m not about to drop hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars to learn tricks such as what colors influence buying tendencies (which evidently is a topic in his training). I think that working with some good sales people over time will do as much if not more for someone seeking advice and help on being a better communicator. Perhaps someone who has taken one of his courses can comment ?

  7. Some Sales Guy

    Oh and one more thing. I have seen some responses from students of his class on the Internet but they don’t really communicate much except to parrot back stuff using the language of his website – vague stuff like Joel “improved my value” or “my brand is now recognized and I’ve maximized my return”. Somebody surely must have posted a review of the course content but then again maybe he makes people sign an NDA to prevent the content from being made known. Whatever the case he seems to be making a lot of money.

  8. They say the “proof is in the pudding”. Joel Bauer has trained the top 1900 income producing authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, marketers and CEOs.

    You can be a skeptic all you want but when hundreds of his students show their systems, their bank accounts, their checks and their results from what Joel taught them….it is hard to believe they are all lying.

    The Business Card video is hilarious especially when you know it is a clip taken out of a documentary. Now it is a viral video and there are a ton of spoof videos around it. It created a lot of free publicity including a spot on MTV.

    Joel Bauer is the real deal. He gives so much value in his webinars, Online Mentoring Program and live events that he should add a couple of zeros behind what he actually charges.

    Infotainer is a brand that he no longer uses. it is now

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