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Sing when you’re tweeting

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There comes a time in every young man’s life when he realises he’s not actually that young anymore. It happened to me when I discovered Radio 4, that long-time favourite of middle-aged, middle-class, middle England. Specifically I like the today show and the comedy.

Those of you who don’t subscribe to the Friday Night Comedy podcast really should.

The Now Show is on at the moment and among others it features regular contributor, Mitch Benn. If you don’t know Mitch, he makes up funny and topical songs all the time, which is great on the radio but must annoy his wife.

Anyway, Mitch is one of many comedians/broadcasters to have recently embraced Twitter (@mitchbenn if you’re interested). A couple of weeks ago I saw him tweeting that he had written a song about Twitter. It’s a funny commentary on how minor celebrities become obsessed with gathering as many followers as they can with no thought as to what conversations they should be having.

At least, I hope he’s joking – he might mean it.

Mitch Benn on Twitter – Download MP3

Here’s Mitch’s take on the ridiculous “schools to teach Twitter instead of history” story. I’ve got a post on this topic baking in the oven but for now I’ll leave it to Mitch. Here is his 1 minute lesson on ‘teh interwebs’.

Mitch Benn on teh Interwebs- Download MP3

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