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Google Earth goes underwater and back in time

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As if Google Earth wasn’t amazing enough, they have now added the ability to see the ocean floor and back in time.

As you can see from the video, you can now use the Historical Maps feature to go back in time to see how certain areas looked in years gone by. How far back depends on the area. I have to say, I couldn’t find a place that had more than 4 or 5 years’ worth of historical data but I presume they will add more historical data to this feature as they manage to acquire it.

I expecially like the idea of Google Ocean. The BBC have a great video which I can’t embed due to the limitations of (Grrr..)

Al Gore, the media’s go-to guy for anything to do with the planet earth was at the launch of Google Earth 5.0 update in San Fransisco yesterday and seemed to be most impressed.

You can not only zoom into whatever part of our planet’s surface you wish to examine in closer detail, you can now dive into the world’s ocean that covers almost three-quarters of the planet and discover new wonders that had not been accessible in previous versions.

I’m not sure I can remember the last time I was lost at the bottom of the ocean so I don’t know how practical all these improvements are. In any case, I don’t think my EDGE coverage is good enough for my iPhone to work down there.

But of course I’m being flippant. Google Ocean is amazing, beautiful and, conversly for Google Earth,  strangely etherial . All that’s missing is a Sigur Ros soundtrack…


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