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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Poll: What do you think about Twitter going mainstream?

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There’s been a lot of tweeting recently about twitter going mainstream. What do you think about this?

Is it great that the community is expanding into the general populous? Is it the end of the world? Do you care?

Have your say with the click of a mouse and a post of a comment. 🙂

Google Earth goes underwater and back in time

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As if Google Earth wasn’t amazing enough, they have now added the ability to see the ocean floor and back in time.

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Social Media in everyday working life

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Last Thursday I was involved in hosting a workshop on Social Media Marketing for The idea is to help marketing people understand how they can turn all the talk and buzz about Social Media (and what ever that may entail)  into useful working practices that can be easily applied to their business. The event went well and we got great feedback. I’ve written a brief report at the InBlackAndWhite blog.

KMP Social Media Workshop10 Originally uploaded byinblackandwhiteseminars.

Social Media Workshop originally uploaded byinblackandwhiteseminars

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