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Twitter hits the UK mainstream thanks to @stephenfry and @wossy

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Last Friday, Twitter was discussed on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross in front of an audience of over 4 million. It wasn’t the punchline of a joke about ‘young people’ as Facebook and MySpace often are but discussed in earnest and with affection by two of the UK’s best known media personalities.

Have a look at the first 3 minutes of this video.

So is this it? Has twitter finally ‘arrived’ thanks to @wossy and @stephenfry?

Statistically, it’s hard to say. Hitwise has a nice graph showing that the exposure from the show boosted Twitter UK usage more than Obama’s inauguration.2041761


Interesting as this is, as far as I know no-one has yet published data confirming huge numbers of sign-ups following the broadcast so we don’t know if this boost is due to new users or existing users excitedly going into tweet overdrive (probably a mixture of both).

In any case the recent growth of twitter in the UK couldn’t be pinned down to one TV appearence so my rather optimistic tweet of last friday evening was perhaps a little sensationalist.Twitter-mainstream-uk

We do know that the use of twitter in the UK has increased tenfold in the last twelve months and that the penetration is higher per capita in the UK than in the US (according to Hitwise). Could this be due to the inceasing number of well-known media personalities who use twitter?

Mike Butcher of Techcrunch UK seems to think so.

Famous Twitterers are boosting the site. Stephen Fry, has over 50,000 followers, John Cleese can claim more than 30,000, and 2,000 people are following Andy Murray’s progress at the Australian Open. Jonathan Ross (13,000+ followers) is spreading the Twitter religion by verifying if his celeb pals are on it. He calls himself the “Number One Twitter Detective”.

Other UK personalities (not fake) with twitter profiles include Robert Llewelyn, David Mitchell, Russell Brand, Andi Peters, Philip Scofield, Alan Carr and the list continues to grow. These celebs seem to be doing a good job using twiitter is to promote themselves – and it seems to be working out pretty well for twitter.


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